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 Did you know ‘Self’ is how thing? Could you hear the sound of its? And of hegemony’s?

A virus flapped its wings and the pandemic started. The crisis is over!

In no period of human history, humanity has not dragged itself and the world into such a disaster with  complete “consciousness”.

Pandemic has never been managed so consciously. And each of us has never been so responsible for each ring in the chain of disasters created by the pandemic.

We … Modern slaves with white, blue, red and green collars… At the other end of the world, when a child’s nose bleeds or chains of disasters chase each other… We … Who they live in these geographies…. All of our responsible what happens just like a butterfly’s wings. Unfortunately along with our moral condition is far behind  in science and technology now. We do not deserve the charming blue planet. Still, I want to be cautiously optimistic. But we need to act quickly.

This exhibition is a reality experience that I established with a pandemic. About the individual and the social and the cosmos … A silent dialogue with many things suspended. This grotesque and carnivalesque is accompanied by a vague smile: the smile of the pandemic accompanying Bakhtin …

Jale İris Gökçe