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Kader ÖZTÜRKMEN, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

Kader Öztürkmen exhibits a depth of illusionist lyric abstraction by blending modernism within a holistic perspective in her paintings in which she continues the effects of abstract expressionism with the way she deals with the figure. The artist, who portrays the truth through a rational and emotional filter of her own being, emphasizes the frustrational suffering of human nature in the ongoing gap without mentioning the space perception. It serves as a bridge between the unbearable weight and lightness of our existence.

Yasuaki KAKIZAKAI “Boundary”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

He calls himself a spray artist. He paints with a spray while used for painting. Use stencils and various techniques. His themes are “time”, “life and death”, “unknown and known”, “encounter and farewell” and thus he is trying to portray a pair of things in this world.

Aysun MERİÇ “Voluntary Captivity”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

We live the illusion of being in total control inside our dark, self-made boundaries. Whenever we want to set foot out of them, we face the burden of leaving our comfort zone. Yet all progression happens as we break out of our boundaries. Inability to cross our boundaries and creating new ones with our struggle end with postponing life, surrendering to voluntary captivity and returning to our own space.

Nakayama SOUTA “your true shape and everyone”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020 Almost no primary colors are used in his paintings. This is a feature of his expression. The expression whose saturation and brightness are suppressed by the color mixture gives a unique and strange feeling to his paintings. Perhaps it represents the unclear, uncluttered, inseparable nature of one’s inner self.
Nurdan KOÇ “Romance of Colors”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

The Artist created her own interpretations with authentic and figurative abstractions in her inner and imaginary expressions.

SUDA “Embodiment of Beauty”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

Her theme is female beauty. She asks women for beauty. It’s eros and even makes you feel divine. And she began to paint the beauty of the gods of the world. The beauty of human beings called eros is the eternal theme that people who are not God seek.

Nilay Özsavaş ULUÇAY “Never Ending”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

There are always ways to be overcome, never ending, and unknown. Of course, it is exceeded. But the end … Is there an end to all the lines that we put our decisions on and over? Nilay Özsavaş Uluçay is an interior architecture and Assoc. Prof. at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University in Bodrum / Turkey. She works on the relationship between space, art and design. In addition to her academic studies on interior design and education, she has participated in many group exhibitions and opened solo exhibitions with her designs and photographs.

PIKORIN “Human Hymns in the Brain”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

He never tries to draw politely and neatly. He dares to draw big and rough. His paintings are not sentences, they are wild roars. He will continue to draw a roar that erupts from within himself.

Kübra Şahin ÇEKEN “Synthesis”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

Why does one want to be different? Masks covering the faces were used even in religious ceremonies before Christ. Is this an inward…! Or was it an escape from yourself? Here are two syntheses, past and future. The only true inner escape.

Yori MIDORIKAWA “Mizuiro”, Transient Existence”, Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

She paints a green world. It is the sky, the sea, and the grasslands. She continues to draw the white fairies that live there in green today.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020 ART AND THERAPY OBJECTS-INTERNAL THERAPY OBJECTS

Art that helps the individual to heal with its effect on well-being; It manifests itself as a method in psychotherapy. Although the combination of art and therapy has existed for centuries, it has shown itself in the social arena with its use in the 1940s. In the Art and Therapy Objects-Intrinsic Objects series, the artist has depicted his inner feelings and those who have a place in himself around the meaning of objects in psychotherapy. Although it falls into the drawing category rather than this picture; It matches the purpose in their work. The main purpose in his works; In the art therapy session, by making use of the contact with the emotions while the eyes are closed, it is to enable both lobes of the brain to act and to actually go to the subconscious. This subconscious descent appears in the individual by expressing his feelings with primitive lines. By reaching primitive drawings in the artistic context, the artist reflects himself with his mood.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

Olga Glumcher is an artist, living in Kyiv, Ukraine, and working worldwide. From the age of 7 till the University she was studying at a private art school in Kyiv. In 2005, she got a Master’s Degree in graphic arts in the Kyiv Poligraphic Institute. “Art for me is a way of discovering the world, myself and people. The search for a balance between meditation and hard work, which causes constant pleasure. I combine classical technic of painting with contemporary objects like gadgets and social networks. Using the past, understanding the present, making the future better”

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

She paints the world inside her in pastel. It’s a beautiful world. But it is also a cruel and ruthless world. She will continue to paint as her mission, sometimes becoming internal punishment.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

The Theory of Everything, in physics, is the ultimate theory which is expected to elucidate all the properties of elementary particles and the appearance and disappearance of the universe. I believe that many artists have processes of pursuing the origin of universe which are similar to the processes which physicists engage in. Of course, there are vast differences between how an artist and physicist works. One is focused on creation and the other on discovery. Physicists do not produce anything on their own. They investigate unknown things logically — rather than instinctively. In contrast, the artist tries to get close to the essence of things by expressing and shaping a sensory part that cannot be described using words. Nevertheless, despite their different approaches, both pursue questions without certain answers, answers that may never be revealed to them.

Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

Ahmet Fatih ÖZMEN, Untitled, mixed media, 50×70, 2020. Ali Rıza KANAÇ, Hybrid Theory, hybrid media on canvas, 130×90, 2020. Betül KARAKAYA I Have Hope Series, Porcelain Glazed Decor, Kintsugi, 30×70, 2020. Nilay ÖZSAVAŞ ULUÇAY, In the Dark, Photograph, varying measurements, 2018. Gülçin KARACA, Purple Room, mixed media on paper, 70×50, 2020. Mehmet Cihan GEZEN, Escape, mixed media on canvas, 100×100, 2020. Canan ZÖNGÜR, Queen I, wood scraping, 50x30x12, 2016. Ömer Oytun ONUR, Untitled, acrylic paint on canvas, 40×40, 2019. Sevgi NARMAN ÇAL, Amorphous Indicators, watercolor on paper, 50×50, 2020. Neda İsmail ATAR, Money of the Dream, No Country’s Money Series, print on metal plate, 100x50x10, 2020.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

He sends a message to the world. It is a harmony of colors and shapes. The harmony is a wish for peace. Wishing for the happiness and peace of all, he continues to draw today.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

The artist tries to break this reality while the individual moves away from the imagination and aesthetics in the modern world where human beings are intertwined with the truth. He performs his art by interpreting the problems of the world with his inner world and imagination. Art sets out with colors and textures from the artist to the world of realities to gain new meanings in individuals. The painter uses three essential objects in weight in her compositions of this period: women, horses and keys. According to the artist, as time flows in an infinite loop, every emotion our soul feels is a new door. Opened to infinity or closed forever. The artist was born in Berlin / Germany. She continued her education in Turkey. She lived in an old Greek village, whose language she never knew. Intense frames remained in the imagination, reflected today. The title of most of his works is Greek. She graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Education Faculty, Art Education teacher, Graphic department. She finished her academic life as university third and second in the department. She is still working as a Visual Arts teacher at the Ministry of Education in Ankara. She opened two personal exhibitions. She took part in many national and international group exhibitions. She has works in various collections.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

In her works, the artist chose to understand and explain life through the identity of women. Color and form experiments in his paintings are enthusiastic and powerful. He chose to reflect the women who fell from his dream world to his painting in every aspect without putting the quests of his own art journey into a mold. This is also the real women hosted by their personal journey.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

The artist’s works significantly increases the effect by using bold lines. He usually uses gray tones in his pictures. We can separate their subjects as figurative, abstract and landscape.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

She prefers hide faces in the figures in her works. Brush marks are layered and used extensively in his paintings.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

The artist draws attention to the operational issues that are the link between “human and life”. This activism can be an emotional and sometimes an intellectual expression. It realizes this statement with the help of ropes.Ropes wrapped horizontally, vertically and diagonally on the canvas surface are part of life. Selcan Kalın was born in Kahramanmaras.In 2011, she won the Painting Department of Erzurum Atatürk University Faculty of Fine Arts and graduated in 2014. In 2015, she graduated from Atatürk University Fine Arts Institute, Department of Painting, with her thesis, “The Use of Organic and Inorganic Materials in Contemporary Art”.In 2017, she gained her proficiency in art in Atatürk University Fine Arts Institute Painting Department and continues her artistic studies. The artist has participated in many mixed exhibitions both at home and abroad and still participates in scientific and artistic events.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

I like to stare at the human soul and recognize its longings, to look at the world through the eyes of a child – with a look, clean, clear, naive. The child is the main character in my paintings – maybe because I am a mother or because through him, I most convincingly suggest my ideas. I am provoked by the reality around us, in which everything is beautiful, shiny, but at the same time “hollow” and false; a reality in which values are displaced or absent. Today’s world educates our children in a consumerist spirit, turns people into “accounts”, erases the spiritual part of human development. There is a war “dressed” in pretense and lies, a war between good and evil; a war in which the virtual displaces the real. A world has been created in which fashion dictates our entire future. My paintings reflect this world and the problems in it, but they also provide a solution. There is always a way out. With the help of God and through art we will seek freedom. We will create peace, first in our souls, then between people. And peace brings love. It is she who will unite us and make us one, so that we can live in harmony with the whole world around us.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

In this exhibition, Kupcuoglu choose some of the work from the collection of Orhan Karadogan and/or from her own collection. Some of the work have never been exhibited anywhere before. Paintings on display were done between 2014-2019. The theme of the paintings is about old Istanbul. We may not be able to see some of the places depicted in the paintings now, but they existed in olden times.

The computer predicted creating the expression of real objects in a new reality in digital and virtual environments. While recreating this new reality in digital environment, it did not cease to follow the rules and rules accepted in the past. According to Plato’s understanding, he expresses that beauty has emerged thanks to the proportional relations of the parts within the whole and that the whole is beautiful. From this point of view, nineteen different canonical works open to accepted interpretation of the movement, theory and trend represented in the history of art seek beauty in this new reality as models representing the situation in digital environment.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

O my heart, O the waters are rising softly, our secret sea vessel is muted like lal outside the vein, even if the vein is broken

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

Welcome to Senur Bicer Art, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Senur Bicer Art will ignite your own passions as well.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

It does not mean that there is no good basis for a decision, and that its fear is bad. It is often said that we should not allow fear to win, but to do this, you should not ignore it. We still do not care whether a fear will be absolutely factual and reasonable or unreasonable, because even if it is not, fear is real. I put forward the works I have done, the dreams I have been affected and the fears experienced and unfulfilled with the images I have imagined by adopting the Expressionism trend. “Don’t let fear beat you, but still don’t ignore fear!”

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

“From Another World “unites my searches of the spiritual laws, human life, connections with the world around us. Тhrough various means of expression I try to convey my emotions and perceptions of sadness, death, eternity, spiritual pursuits, nature and love. Sometimes the pictures are like sharing with yourself, and thus with the world in which everything is connected. My works are a reflection of internal searches and mentality views on the world. I often dream my compositions and is very important to me to give this feeling of time essences and other time and space. I use symbols in my works but leave the viewer free to see something of his own. I am inspired by the theme of different spaces, of eternity and human’s connection with them. Аrt is magic that can transport you to a different world. But even better, we are not only from this world.

Atelier Teymur Rzayev’s “First Digital Climate Change Art Show”

will take place at the Pinelo Art Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey from May 30 to June 12, 2020, during the week of World Environment Day on June 5, and World Ocean Day on June 8, 2020 to commemorate them. This art show is part of the United Nations World Environment Day Digital Celebrations and was curated by Selva Ozelli based on her series of articles on digital technology adoption, solar energy and tax policies in the jurisdictions with the greatest carbon emissions. These articles have been published by the World’s first Climate Change Museum “The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change – Hong Kong” in addition to more than 100 other publications around the world.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

Each door is an opening but is passed if allowed from the threshold. Maybe you’re in another world when you come in…

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020 2002-

06 – B.A. Studies at the Faculty of fine arts from Bucharest 2006-08- M.A. Studies at the Faculty of fine arts from Bucharest Exhibitions: 2019 The colored collection of joy- KIC-Gallery, Skopje, North Macedonia; The colored collection of joy- International festival, Struga poetry nights, Struga, North Macedonia; The colored collection of joy- MANU, Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of North Macedonia; 2018 Strange paradise- KO-RA Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia; 2017 The pope and the new puppet – Kodzoman Gallery National Museum d-r Nikola Nezlobinski -Struga,Macedonia Lust for nostalgia -PCB Gallery-Berlin,Germany Lust for nostalgia-Robevci, National Museum-Ohrid,Macedonia 2016 Mirrors of reality – Art Yourself Gallery-Bucharest,Romania; 2012 Abstract in Fabula – Turkish Cultural Center – Sarajevo , BIH; 2010 Abstract in Fabula – Robevci National Museum -Ohrid,Macedonia; Figurative reflections -Robevci National Museum -Ohrid,Macedonia; 2007 Double – Carturesti gallery -Timisoara, Romania;

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

Sibel TALAS (Performance Artist): In 1993, she graduated from the Bedri BAYKAM workshop at the Painting Department of Bilkent University Fine Arts Design and Architecture Faculty. She attended 13 personal and 29 composite domestic and international exhibitions. She made presentation in domestic and international syposiums and her articles have been published. She has accomplished 18 performances domestically and internationally. She is still continuing her art life as a practitioner of Performing Arts.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, May 2020

She studies at the National Academy of Arts. Her paintings are abstract, because she thinks that’s how she develops her imagination and creativity, which she need for another field of art.

Virtual Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, June 2020

She creates portraits in black and red colors using lines and geometric shapes. She also applies her drawings on t-shirts and bags.