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Selva Ozelli’s third digital solo art show “Art in the Time of Corona 2” which is a follow on to her first solo art show… will take place at the Pinelo Art Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey from Nov 10 to Nov 24, 2020, starting on World Science Day for Peace and Development. The inspiration behind the theme of her art show was Selva Ozelli’s corona virus themed paintings being published by the world’s first climate change museum the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change – Hong Kong… and her painting titled “Surviving the Jungle of Corona – Portrait of Lale Baymur Vanli, Pediatric Neuro Psychologist” the being selected as a finalist in the first online international Art Contest by Creative Canvas.

Virtual Solo Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, October 2020

The Theme of Tale in My Paintings In these times we live in today, every expression turns into a masquerade; therefore, by losing their credibility, the superficial perception becomes the rising values whereas it is actually “genuineness and authenticity” that humankind look for in their journey of life. The idea of a period of time in which people feel safe, fearless and joyful, is very serenely captivating and amusing. What I want is to create narrative paintings that will make unbearable aspects of life bearable and to enhance my hope by sharing and raising awareness for the conception of a pure and child hearted world.